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What Is the Best Way to Choose an IT Consultant?

According to the advise of Dun and Bradstreet, “before beginning your search for an IT consultant, carefully define your project objectives, your timeline, and your budget, and then include each of these elements in a request for proposal (RFP). With the RFP in hand, begin your search by asking other business owners in your industry for a recommendation and do some research online to locate consultants in your area. Look for areas of expertise that align with your project goals. It’s often wise to choose someone in your area, so you can have a face-to-face meeting to discuss project specifics. Lastly, remember to check the consultant’s references and ask for work samples or project case studies before you engage their services.” 

At Bayside Networks, we agree that finding a reliable local professional is the first step to finding your ideal IT service provider.  Although much of the support can be done remotely, some of the work must be accomplished at your business location, on-site. It is important to have a rapport with your IT services provider to be sure they service provider is clear abut your needs, budget and desired outcome.  This is much easier to accomplish if you are in physically in the same area.  Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Quality IT service providers can refer you to satisfied customers as reference, so you can ask first hand how they feel about the IT service provider.  Also, any IT service provider who is confident in their abilities will be willing to offer you a trial consultation, free of charge to give you a feel for the quality of work they provide.  At Bayside Networks, we get most of our new business from word-of-mouth referala from our current satisfied customers.  This speaks to the level of value each of our clients derives from using Bayside Networks IT support services.